Freshwater Management

​National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management 2011 - Implementation Programme

The National Policy Statement on Freshwater Management 2011 (NPS) directs that every Regional Council is to implement the NPS as promptly as is reasonable in the circumstances. Where it is impracticable for the Council to complete the implementation by 31 December 2014, the Council may implement it by a programme of defined time-limited stages by which it is to be fully implemented no later than 31 December 2030. Any programme of time-limited stages is to be formally adopted by the Council within 18 months of the gazetting of the NPS (November 2012) and is to be publicly notified. Council approved the implementation programme at its 12 November 2012 Council meeting.

While the analysis undertaken on the NPS in May 2012 found that the majority of the NPS provisions were already incorporated within the current planning framework, further work will be required to address the relevant objectives and policies within the Regional Policy Statement (RPS) during its review. Policy C2 of the NPS requires every Regional Council to make or change their RPS to the extent needed to provide for the integrated management of the effects of the use and development of land on fresh water, including encouraging the co-ordination and sequencing of regional and/or urban growth, land use and development and the provision of infrastructure.

A copy of the report to assess how the policies and objectives within the NPS are, or are not, being met can be downloaded here:

NPS Freshwater Management Regional Assessment (PDF, 165KB)

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