Land and Water Plan

Proposed Plan Change 1 to the Regional Land and Water Plan

Proposed Plan Change 1 seeks to adjust some scheduled wetland boundaries and make minor technical changes to the Regional Land and Water Plan.

Proposed Plan Change 1 has three parts:

Section 32 Evaluation Report

The Section 32 Evaluation Report is intended to help readers understand how Proposed Plan Change 1 was developed and the rationale behind the proposed changes. It outlines the proposed change, the extent to which the change is the appropriate way to achieve the purpose of the Resource Management Act in regards to efficiency and effectiveness.

Copies of the documents related to this process can be downloaded below.

Notification of submissions

The Regional Council released Proposed Plan Change 1 for public consultation in August 2016, and submission closed on 16 September 2016. A copy of the submissions and Summary of Decisions Requested document can be downloaded below.

Further Submissions

Copy of Further Submissions (PDF, 33MB)

Where to from here?

Council will now:

  • Prepare a staff recommending report on the submissions and further submissions received.
  • Council will hold a public hearing for those submitters and further submitters who have indicated that they wish to be heard.
  • The Council will make its decisions on submissions and further submissions, and notify submitters of these.
  • Any person who makes a submission, or further submission, who is not satisfied with the Council's decision and the changes that are included in Proposed Plan Change 1, may refer the matters to the Environment Court.
  • Once all matters referred to the Environment Court are resolved, the changes proposed in Plan Change 1 will become operative.

How can I get more information?

Information on Proposed Plan Change 1, submission process, and what will happen next has been summarised on this page. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions on 03 768 0466 or freephone 0508 800 118.

Operative Land and Water Plan

Council is pleased to announce the Land and Water Plan became operative on 27 May 2014.

The Land and Water Plan replaces the Water Management, Land and Riverbed and Discharge to Land Plans.

A copy of the Plan can be downloaded below:

Operative Land and Water Plan May 2014 (PDF, 50.1MB)

Approved register of drilling fluid additives

  1. Drill Pro
  2. EPBitLube
  3. CR650
  4. Polydrill
  5. PacR/PacL
  6. LP2000
  7. Bentonite Clay
  8. Sodium Hypochlorite
  9. Hypostat
  10. AMC Aus-Det
  11. AMC Aus-Det Xtra
  12. Unitrol
  13. Maxbore
  14. Maxgel
  15. Barite
  16. Soda Ash
  17. Polyswell

Note: This is a live register and will be updated as new approved additives come to light. The user may use alternative drill lubricants subject to obtaining the prior written approval of the Consent Authority.

Separate sections can be downloaded below:

1. Introduction and Poutini Ngai Tahu Perspective (PDF, 506KB)

2. Natural and Human Resource Use Values Objectives, Policies and
Methods (PDF, 177KB)

3. Land, Lake, Riverbed and Wetlands Objectives, Policies and Methods (PDF, 248KB)

4. Water objectives, Policies and Methods (PDF, 624KB)

5. Discharge Objectives, Policies and Methods (PDF, 193KB)

6. Introduction to the Rules, Summary of Rules and Advice notes for Rules (PDF, 297KB)

7. Rules for Activities on Land (PDF, 277KB)

8. Rules for Lake and Riverbed Activities (PDF, 287KB)

9. Rules for Takes, Uses, and Diversions of Water (PDF, 262KB)

​10. Discharge to Water Rules (PDF, 175KB)

11. Discharge to Land Rules (PDF, 298KB)

12. Information Requirements, Financial Contributions, Monitoring, Review and Glossary (PDF, 325KB)

13. Schedules 1-3 (PDF, 48.1MB)

14. Schedules 4-17 (PDF, 2.4MB)

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