Natural Hazard Reports

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​New Zealand

Rates of Coastal Erosion and Accretion in New Zealand - J.Gibb 1978
The Shoreline Erosion Problem: Lessons From the Past - NIWA 2006
Maori Environmental Knowledge in Natural Hazards Management and Mitigation - NIWA 2006​​
Tsunamis in the New Zealand Archaeological Record - B.McFadgen and J.Goff 2007
B​enefitting from Differences in Knowledge, Practice and Belief: Maori Oral Traditions and Natural Hazards Science - D.King and J.Goff 2010
New Zealand's Next Top Model: ​​​​Integrating Tsunami Inundation Modelling into Land Use Planning - GNS Science 2011​​
Proxy Toolkit to Help Identify Past Events - Lessons from the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami and the 2009 South Pacific Tsunami - C.Goff & co 2011

West Coast

Late Cenozoic Geology of the West Coast Shelf between Karamea and the Waiho River - R.Norris 1978
West Coast Flood History 1846-1989
West Coast Flooding Disaster Recovery Co-ordinator's Report - September 1988
A Chronology of Flooding on the West Coast, South Island, New Zealand 1846 - 1990​ - J.L.Ben 1990
A Report on Coastal Hazards in the West Coast Region - J.Ben West Coast Regional Council and D.Neal Department of Conservation 1992
Differential Uplift of Middle and Late Quaternary Shoreline, Northwest South Island New Zealand - R.Suggate DSIR Geology and Geophysics 1992
Exploration Concepts, Offshore West Coast, South Island - J.Beggs 2000 
Catastrophic Events in New Zealand Coastal Environments - J.Goff and C.Chauge-Goff GeoEnvironmental Consultants​ 2001
Old Data, New Opportunities in New Zealands West Coast Basins - E.Berg and M.Thomasson 2002
Assessing Tsunami Hazard Along the New Zealand Coast- R.Walters NIWA and J.Goff GeoEnvironmental Consultants​ 2003
Landslide-induced River Channel Avulsions in Mountain Catchments of Southwest New Zealand - O.Korup 2003 
Distribution of Landslides in Southwest New Zealand - O.Korup 2004
Sediment Generation and Delivery from Large Historic Landslides in the Southern Alps - O.Korup and others 2004
Large Landslides and Their Effect on Sediment Flux in South Westland New Zealand - ​O.Korup 2005
Fluvial Response to Large Rock-Slope Failures - O.Korup 2005
Effects of Large Deep-Seated Landslides on Hillslope Morphology, Western Southern Alps New Zealand - O.Korup 2006
Lagoon Subsidence and Tsunami - S.L.Nichol 2006
Coastal Communities Hazard Mitigation- T.Hume NIWA and P.Blackett AgResearch 2007
Community Involvement in Coastal Hazard Mitigation: Processes and Pitfalls - P.Blackett AgResearch and T.Hume NIWA 2007
Response to Landslide Dam Failure Emergencies - J.Beck and others 2007
Principles of Sustainable Development on Alluvial Fans - T.Davies and M.McSaveney 2008
State Highway 6 Route Security Strategic Study Project Summary - NZTA 2009
Hostile Shores: Catastrophic Events in Prehistoric New Zealand and Their Impact on Maori Coastal Communities - B.McFadgen 2008
A Landslide Susceptibility Map and Landslide Catalogue for the West Coast Region - Kevin England 2010
Mineral Resource Assessment of the West Coast Region - GNS Science 2010
Report on West Coast Weather Event - WCRC 27 & 28 December 2010
Review of West Coast Region Coastal Hazard Areas - NIWA 2012
​Offshore Faulting and Earthquake Sources, West Coast, South Island: Stage 2 - NIWA 2013
Offshore Faulting and Earthquake Sources, West Coast, South Island: Summary - NIWA 2013
West Coast Weather Event Ex Tropical Cyclone Ita - WCRC 17 April 2014

​Alpine Fault

Fluid Inclusion Evidence for Geotherman Structure Beneath the Southern Alps - D.Craw 1997
Large Earthquakes and the Abandonment of Prehistoric Coastal Settlements in 15th Century New Zealand - J.Goff and B.McFadgen 
Probability and Consequences of the Next Alpine Fault Earthquake - Geotech Consulting 1998
Alpine Fault Earthquake Scenario- Buller District Council Lifeline Study​ 2006
Alpine Fault Earthqauke Scenario - Westland District Council Lifeline Study 2006
Do Great Earthquakes Occur on the Alpine Fault in Central South Island New Zealand? - R.Sutherland 2006
Regional Lifelines Study Alpine Fault Earthquake Scenario - West Coast Engineering Lifelines Group 2006
Alpine Fault Earth Quake Scenario and Lifelines Vulnerability Assessment - Grey District Council 2007 
Mapping and Fault Rupture Avoidance Zonation for the Alpine Fault in the West Coast Region- R.Langridge, W.Ries GNS Science Consultancy 2009
Designing and Implementing a Fault Avoidance Zone Strategy for the Alpine Fault in the West Coast Region - PCEE 2011

Buller District 

Liquefaction in the Buller Region in the 1929 and 1968 Earthquakes - J.Berrill 1988
Liquefaction Records for Buller District 2008


Karamea Floodplain Investigation -NIWA 2010
Karamea River Mouth Location Report - NIWA 2016

Granity, Ngakawau and Hector

Managing and Adapting to Coastal Erosion at Granity - Niwa 2006
​​Managing and Adapting to Coastal Erosion at Ngakawau and Hector - Niwa 2007
Managing and Adapting to Coastal Erosion at Granity, Ngakawau and Hector - Niwa 2016
Managing and Adapting to Coastal Erosion at Granity, Ngakawau and Hector (Additional Information) - Niwa 2016


Westport Harbour - F.Furkert 1946
Geology of Quaternary Ilmenite-Bearing Coastal Deposits at Westport - R.McPherson 1978
Harbour Entrancew Morphology and Sediments at River Mouth Port, Westport - R.Kirk 1986
Westport Earthquakes - January 29 - February 28 1991
Preliminary Flood Study of the Buller River at Westport - Connell Wagner 2000
Westport Flood Study - NIWA 2010
Carters Beach Review of Coastal Erosion- OCEL Consultants NZ Limited​​​​ 200​6
Westport Flood Extents - NIWA 2010
Buller River Flood Mitigation Options Assessment- M.Gardner Land River Sea Consulting Ltd​ 2015
Orowaiti Cut: Niwa Recommendation - NIWA 2015
Managing and Adapting to Erosion at Carters Beach - NIWA 2017

Grey District

​Liquefaction Records for the Grey District - WCRC 2008


​Coastal Erosion and Inundation at Punakaiki Village (Pororari Beach) - R.Kirk 1988​​
Punakaiki Rockfall Study ​- URS New Zealand 2003
Punakaiki Seawall Impacts: Technical Note - NIWA 2007


​​Coastal Dynamics and Sedimentation at Point Elizabeth - J.Pfahlert 1984
Shore Protection Options For Rapahoe Beach - D.Neal 1999​
Managing and Adapting to Coastal Erosion at Rapahoe - NIWA 2006
Historic Shoreline Change and Beach Morphodynamics at Rapahoe Bay - R.Ishikawa 2008
Managing and Adapting to Coastal Erosion at Rapahoe - NIWA 2017


Major Flood Events in Greymouth 1862 - 1988 - WCRC
Evolution of the New River Drainage System - J.Soons 2001
Hydraulic Review and Assessment of Effects of Options to Improve Flood Capacity for Estmiated T50 and T150 Discharges - 2002
The Effects of Beach Gravel Mining in the Greymouth Environs - DeTec Consulting Ltd 2003
Impacts of Gravel Removal between Paroa and Blaketown- NIWA 2006
Greymouth Floodwall Upgrade Design Geotechnical Report - Riley Consultants 2009
New River/Saltwater Creek River Mouth Report - G.Smart 2010
Tidal and Flood Influence on Water Level in Grey Lagoon - NIWA 2011
Managing and Adapting to Coastal Erosion at Cobden Beach - NIWA 2017
Cobden Lagoon and Range Creek flood management review - NIWA 2017

Westland District


A Coastal Management Plan for Hokitika- ​​J.G Gibb National Water and Soil Conservation Authority​​ 1987
Hokitika Beachfront Sea Erosion Report - 1984
Hokitika Beach Sea Erosion Application for Grant Assistance Rock Groyne Proposal - 1986
Impacts of Stone-Harvesting from the HouHou - Kaihinu Foreshore - Niwa 2003
Hokitika River Design Flood Levels - Good Earth Matters Consulting 2010
Rivermouth-Related Shore Erosion at Hokitika and Neils Beach, Westland - NIWA 2016


​Waitangi-taona River Scheme Grahams Creek Diverion Effect on Lake Wahapo and Okarito Lagoon - Westland Catchment Board 1980

Franz Josef

Natural Hazard Assessment for the Township of Franz Josef Glacier and its Environs - M.McSaveney and T.Davies 1998
Long Term Management of Facilities on an Active Alluvial Fan - T.Davies 1997
Changes in Understanding, Awareness and Preparedness for Natural Hazard Risk in Franz Josef - J.Gough Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences Limited 2001​
Landslide-dambreak Floods at Franz Josef Glacier: A Risk Assessment - T.R.Davies 2002 
Waiho River Flooding Risk Assessment For Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management - Optimx 2002
Planning for a Safer Franz Josef - Waiau Community, Westland District: Considering Rupture of the Alpine Fault​ - R.Langridge​​ and J.Beban GNS Science Consultancy 2011
Waiho River Hydraulic Modelling and Analysis - Land River Sea Consulting 2014
Natural Hazard Assessment for the Township of Franz Josef - GNS 2016
Waiho River 2D Hydraulic Modelling Based on LiDAR - Land River Sea Consulting 2016


​Haast River Flood Record - J.Pascoe 1965
A Tectonically Uplifted Marine Shoreline Deposit, Knights Point - A.Cooper 2006​​​

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