The Inchbonnie Special Rating Area was adopted by the Westland Catchment Board in July 1959 for the purpose of protecting assets and property around Inchbonnie.

The Asset Management Plan is a detailed, yearly plan that highlights the history, expenditure and maintenance of the Inchbonnie Rating District.

Inchbonnie SRA Asset Management Plan October 2014 (PDF, 99KB)

The Infrastructure Asset Register is a detailed Excel spreadsheet of assets in the Inchbonnie Rating District.

Inchbonnie Infrastructural Assets Register June 2015 (PDF)

Inchbonnie Infrastructural Assets Register June 2014 (PDF)

The Infrastructural Asset Maps show where the assets are located in the Rating District - each number corresponds to the number in the Asset Register

Inchbonnie - Map 1
Inchbonnie - Map 2
Inchbonnie - Map 3
Inchbonnie - Map 4
Inchbonnie - Map 5

Inchbonnie Asset Management Plan, Infrastructure Asset Register and Maps (provided in one document):

Inchbonnie AMP 2014.doc

Below is a downloadable map of the SRA showing classes and property boundaries against the LINZ Topo50 map.

Inchbonnie Special Rating Area (PDF, 2.5MB)

Inchbonnie Rating District Meeting Minutes:

Inchbonnie Rating District Minutes 2012 (PDF, 35KB)

Inchbonnie Rating District Minutes 2011 (PDF, 50KB)

Inchbonnie Rating District Minutes 2010 (PDF, 64KB)

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