Long Term Plan 2018 - 2028

​Chairperson's Foreword

I am pleased to present the Council's Long Term Plan for 2018 – 2028. Council believes, through feedback received over the last few years, that our community wants us to show leadership in a number of areas and continue to pursue shared service opportunities where they benefit the ratepayers of the region.

Our top priorities are ensuring that water quality continues to maintain or improve across the region, that we work with our communities to manage natural hazards, continue to explore opportunities for shared services across the region as well as working with stakeholders right across the West Coast, and New Zealand, to assist with developing thriving, sustainable and resilient communities.

In 2015, the Regional Council implemented an economic development rate to jointly fund a regional economic development manager. This has been successful leading to the formation of the New Zealand Minerals Institute based in Greymouth, the award winning rebranding of Tourism West Coast and a number of other initiatives throughout the region. The government led Tai Poutini Regional Growth Programme identified economic development as requiring better direction and clarity. The government funded review looked at the current state of play regarding economic development providing recommendations as to the most efficient and effective structure and funding model.

The Regional Council has been providing a leadership role in economic development over the past three years. Development West Coast have now committed to taking this on, working across the region to ensure we are positioned well to leverage opportunities through the Provincial Growth Fund. Should a rate for economic development be required after the 2018/19 year, Development West Coast will discuss this with the Regional Council in late 2018. This will allow time for the proper research on a fair and equitable way to apply such a rate to take place. Public consultation would follow through the Annual Plan process in April/May 2019.

Most of our core activities and services are proposed to continue unchanged over the next 10 years.

Managing natural hazards is a key consideration for a lot of work currently underway across Council. We want to help to protect land by maintaining current flood and drainage schemes, and by developing and building new schemes - where the affected community can afford those. We also want to increase community understanding of other hazards they may face. While our new civil defence structure has a part to play to keep us all safe from hazards, we want to promote informed debates within the community on developing realistic responses to threats and risks – practical responses the community can afford. ​

Council wants to be fair in the way that we fund our activities. Currently we use general rates to fund activities that benefit everyone generally, and we use targeted rates to fund those activities that people benefit directly from (for example individual flood and river protection schemes). Rate increases will be minimal (< 2.5 %) for the general rate. The implementation of the Uniform Annual General Charge is considered a fair way of spreading the funding requirement over ratepayers in the region, recognising that all ratepayers receive a base level of service regardless of the capital value of their property.  

Andrew Robb
West Coast Regional Council

Long Term Plan 2018-2028 (PDF, 1MB)​​

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