Long Term Plan 2015 - 2025

Chairmans forward

I am pleased to present the Council’s Long Term Plan for 2015 – 2025. Council believes through feedback received over the last few years that our community wants us to show leadership in regional economic development.

The Regional Council is therefore going to take a greater role in helping to develop our regional economy. The region’s Mayors and Chairs forum are championing a new Economic Development Agency for the region, to be co-funded by Development West Coast and the councils for a three year trial period. A new regional manager position will be created (co-funded by WCRC and DWC), who will work closely with district council economic development staff and other agencies who already work in this space.

We want important regional industries such as tourism, farming, and mining to prosper; but importantly our economy must diversify over time, and the number of jobs needs to grow to sustain our regional communities.

Thank you to those persons and organisations who submitted on the Long Term Plan Consultative Document. Sixty three submissions were received. Following consideration of submissions Council agreed to delete the proposed boundary extension to include a new Class E in the Hokitika Seawall Separate Rating area.

Council wants to be fair in the way that we fund our activities.  We use general rates to fund activities that benefit everyone generally, and we use targeted rates to fund those activities that people benefit directly from (for example individual flood and river protection schemes).  Rate increases will be minimal (2%) for the general rate.  However there are larger increases  in some fees and charges. 

Various initiatives occurring at the national level have resulted in a requirement to conduct more intensive river and lake monitoring than council performs currently. We have shifted from quarterly to monthly water monitoring at 46 river and lake sites. This costs more money, and we plan to introduce these changes gradually over the 5 year period 2015-2020. Costs may impact on general rate in years 2016-20 but council’s intention is to attempt to use other funding sources to cover these cost increases, if possible.

We want to help to protect land by maintaining current flood and drainage schemes, and by developing and building new schemes - where the affected community can afford those. We also want to increase community understanding of other hazards they may face. Our new civil defence structure has a part to play to keep us all safe from hazards. We want to promote informed debates within the community on developing realistic responses to threats and risks – practical responses the community can afford. Westport faces flood risks from the Buller River and there will be discussions soon on how to address these.

Most of our core activities and services are proposed to continue unchanged over the next 10 years.

Long Term Plan 2015-2025 (PDF, 1.6MB)


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