Effectiveness of the OekoTube ESP in Reefton

28/03/2014 12:00 a.m.

Executive Summary extract

This report evaluates the likely effectiveness of the OekoTube Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) in reducing PM10 concentrations in Reefton. Ambient air monitoring carried out by the West Coast Regional Council indicates that concentrations of PM10 in Reefton currently exceed National Environmental Standards for Air Quality (NESAQ) (50 μg m-3, 24-hour average, one allowable exceedence per year) regularly each winter. Compliance with the NES is required by September 2020 and an interim target of three exceedences must be met by 2016. A 56% reduction in PM10 concentrations is required to meet the NES for PM10 (Wilton, 2012).

A testing programme was undertaken to determine the effectiveness of the OekoTube in reducing particulate from coal burning. The tests were carried out in the Applied Research Services (ARS) laboratory in Nelson using two portable samplers located above and below the OekoTube. Tests were carried out over four days with measurements of particulate made each hour for 3-5 hours. The fuels used were sub bituminous coal, wood and sub bituminous coal and bituminous coal. Tests were made for start-up and for low burn and high burn settings.

Effectiveness of OekoTube ESP in Reefton (PDF, 425KB)

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