Proposed Regional Policy Statement


Proposed Regional Policy Statement 

The Proposed Regional Policy Statement can be downloaded here:

Proposed Regional Policy Statement (PDF, 392KB)

What's it all about?

The Proposed Regional Policy Statement provides a broad direction and framework for managing the West Coast's natural and physical resources under the Resource Management Act 1991. It includes the principles that are important to West Coast communities, identifies regionally significant issues, objectives to address the issues, and policies and methods to achieve the objectives.

This is a new direction for the Proposed Regional Policy Statement. With regulation now set in our Regional and District Plans, the Proposed Regional Policy Statement takes a high level strategic approach to the management of the regionally significant issues on the West Coast.

Notification of the Proposed Regional Policy Statement

In March 2015 the West Coast Regional Council (the Council) notified the Proposed Regional Policy Statement in accordance with the provisions of the First Schedule of the Resource Management Act 1991. A total of 72 submissions were received.

Copies of the documents related to this process can be downloaded below.

To view the West Coast Conservation Management Plan 2010-2020 Volume 1 Click Here.

Summary of Decisions Requested

Staff prepared a Summary of the Decisions Requested on the Proposed Regional Policy Statement for the West Coast and released this for further submissions on 6 November 2015. A copy of the Summary of Decisions Requested, and the original submissions, can be downloaded below. A total of 22 further submissions were received.

Where to from here?

Now that the further submission period has closed, Council will:

  • Prepare a staff recommending report on the submissions and further submissions received.
  • Hold a public hearing for those submitters and further submitters who have indicated that they wish to be heard.
  • Following the Hearing decisions on submissions, and further submissions will be made, with submitters notified of these.
  • Any person who makes a submission, or further submission, who is not satisfied with the Council's decision and the changes that are to be made to the proposed Regional Policy Statement, may refer the matters to the Environment Court.
  • Once all matters referred to the Environment Court are resolved, the document will be made operative.

How can I get more information?

Information on the Proposed Regional Policy Statement and what will happen next has been summarised on this page. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions on 03 768 0466 or Freephone 0508 800 118.

Current operative policy

The current Regional Policy Statement can be downloaded by clicking the below link.

Regional Policy Statement (PDF, 915KB)

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