Westport Flood Protection Options

11/01/2017 12:00 a.m.

Council is seeking your feedback on the options to provide flood protection for Westport. This is the chance to have your say.

The Buller River has the largest flood flow of any river in New Zealand, yet Westport currently has very limited flood protection structures. Located next to the river itself, there is a risk of flooding, and depending on its extent, potential for significant damage to property, infrastructure and even threat to life.

Your feedback is needed

Council is seeking feedback from the community on the options identified to provide flood protection for Westport. It is really important that we hear from you. The feedback received will help us determine the next steps in this process - working out which option(s) to discuss further.

If you didn't receive your consultation document in the mail, you can download a copy of it here.


Feedback must be received by
the Regional Council
by Friday 17 February 2017


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