Air Quality

​​​​Reefton Air Quality Monitoring

PM10 is a measure of the amount of small particles in the air (smaller than 10 micrometers). These small particles tend to cause respiration problems at high concentrations. The National Environmental Standard for Air Quality (NESAQ) Guideline limit is a daily average of no more than 50 micrograms/m3 of PM10. An exceedance occurs when there has been an average of more than 50 micrograms/m3 of PM10 recorded over a 24 hour period. The NESAQ allows one exceedance per year.

There have been no exceedances of this standard so far in 2018.

Current data - 2018


Figure 1. Graph showing daily average PM10 for Reefton 2018. Exceedances of the national guideline are depicted in red.

Wind strength and direction, as well as daily temperature variations, have a lot to do with the fluctuations in air quality.

Annual exceedances of the National Standard since 2006


Table 1. Number of yearly exceedances of the Resource Management Regulations for PM10 and the maximum recorded 24 hour averages at the Reefton air quality site since 2006.


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