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This report summarises results from the West Coast Regional Council Surface Water Quality Monitoring Program, for data up until 2014. This program assesses surface water quality state and trends at selected sites primarily where human impacts/pressures occur.  

From 1996 to 2014, 43 sites were sampled for physical, chemical, and bacteriological water quality attributes, as well as periphyton and macroinvertebrate communities. Sites were sampled four to six times per year. Eight of these were paired sites, with one site upstream and one downstream. Data from an additional five sites that were part of NIWA's National River Water Quality Network were analysed. Other data included in this report came from the West Coast Regional Council Contact Recreation water quality program. This consisted of 17 sites (in 2014). The Council also monitors the water quality in Lake Brunner.  

This report is intended to identify differences in water quality state, and changes in water quality over time at the various sites. Individual water quality attributes were compared with guidelines.

Click below to download the 2015 West Coast Surface Water Quality Report:

2015 West Coast Surface Water Quality Report (PDF, 7.0MB)

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