Emergency Management Group Plan

A Plan to ensure we are well prepared for any type of emergency.

The CDEM Group Plan was made operative by the CDEM Group on 13 September 2010. The CDEM Group is made up of the Chairman of the Regional Council and the Mayors of the Buller, Grey, and Westland Districts.

The Plan will help to ensure we are well prepared for any type of emergency and sets out the strategic direction for civil defence activities over the next 5 years. We have seen from the recent earthquake in Canterbury that emergencies can happen at any time, and when they do happen, they happen very quickly: readiness is essential.

The Plan assessed the types of hazards we face on the West Coast, both natural and technological, and ranked these in order of importance. This ranking will help the relevant agencies prioritise the reduction of risk. An Alpine Fault Earthquake was assessed as the number one risk, followed by epidemics, flooding, and other earthquakes. Flooding happens more frequently than other hazards but its impact is often localised, compared with a major Alpine Fault Earthquake.

Click here to download The West Coast Civil Defence Emergency Management Group Plan (PDF, 2MB)

The Group’s vision is:
 A self reliant and resilient West Coast.

The CDEM Group has produced this Plan in conjunction with the emergency services and other key stakeholders. It is intended to promote integration among those agencies to ensure that when the inevitable emergency situation arises, we will be prepared.

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