Lifeline Studies

‚ÄčThe West Coast Lifeline Reports commissioned by the West Coast Engineering Lifelines Group, comprised of the four Councils and utility operators on the West Coast, have now been completed.

The reports use an Alpine Fault earthquake scenario as this was identified as the greatest risk to the West Coast.

The aim of the reports is to raise issues and make recommendations as to what should be done to make the Councils, and hence the West Coast communities, better able to withstand the effects of a major earthquake disaster and recover from it more effectively.

The reports focus primarily on lifelines; regional water control assets and the network services of water, sewerage, transport, power, and communications that are essential to the functioning of the community. The reports provide:

  • Recommendations for improving the resilience of specific lifelines;
  • Recommendations on things that need to be addresses, particularly where different lifelines and organisations have mutual interdependencies; and,
  • Recommendations on broader issues such as leadership, and suggestions for ways to move forward in these areas.

The Council will now work with the Lifelines Group on the recommendations proposed to help in developing a self reliant and resilient West Coast.

To view the reports click on the attachments below.

Regional Lifeline Study Summary (June 06, PDF, 1.24MB)

Buller District Council Lifelines Study (June 06, PDF, 6.46MB)

Grey District Council Lifelines Study (June 06, PDF, 6.85MB)

Westland District Council Lifelines Study (June 06, PDF, 6.63MB)

West Coast Engineering Lifelines Group Study (June 06, PDF, 11.6MB)

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