Progressive Control

For full information about Progressive Control Areas, including maps, please download

 Part 2 of the Regional Pest Plant Management Strategy (PDF, 10MB)

Progressive Control Plant Rules apply in these areas

  • Maruia Valley 
  • Haast 
  • Coast Road Progressive 
  • Karamea –Little Wanganui 
  • Cape Foulwind 
  • South & West of Mikonui River

In general:

  • Occupiers of Crown Land must destroy any designated plants for that area.
  • Occupiers of non-Crown Land are encouraged to allow Conservation staff access to their land to destroy any designated plants for that area.

The following table summarises which plants are to be destroyed and where.

Progressive Control PlantMaruia Valley Map1Haast Valley Map2Coast Road Map3Karamea - L. Wanganui Map4Cape Foulwind Map5South and West of Mikonui Rv.
Himalayan Honeysuckle      
Purple Pampas      
Giant Knotweed      
Asiatic Knotweed      
Spanish Heath      
Wild Ginger      
Chilean Rhubarb      
Old Mans Beard      
Darwins Barberry      
German Ivy      
Japanese Honeysuckle      
Rhododendron Ponticum      
Yellow Flag Iris      
Banana Passionfruit      
Chocolate Vine      

Fact Sheets for some Progressive Control plants can be downloaded below:

Banana Passionfruit (PDF, 162KB)

Broom (PDF, 266KB)

Chilean Rhubarb (PDF, 267KB)

Chocolate Vine (PDF, 202KB)

Darwins Barberry (PDF, 303KB)

Elaeagnus (PDF, 196KB)

German Ivy (PDF, 301KB)

Gorse (PDF, 393KB)

Himalayan Honeysuckle (PDF, 282KB)

Japanese Honeysuckle (PDF, 434KB)

Knotweeds (PDF, 432KB)

Old Man's Beard (PDF, 274KB)

Purple Pampas (PDF, 497KB)

Rhododendron ponticum (PDF, 551KB)

Spanish Heath (PDF, 458KB)

Tradescantia (PDF, 453KB)

Wild Ginger (PDF, 404KB)

Yellow Flag Iris (PDF, 188KB)

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