Total Control

Land occupiers must destroy any infestations of plants classified as 'Total Control Pest Plants' on their property. A breach of this rule is an offence under Section 154(r) of the Biosecurity Act.

Breaches of this rule and reports of infestations of any of the following plants may be made by any person.  Report to a West Coast Weedbusters Co-ordinator.

Fact Sheets for the Total Control plants can be downloaded by clicking on the names of the pest plants listed below:

African Feathergrass (PDF, 167KB)

Bushy Asparagus (PDF, 174KB)

Cape Ivy (PDF, 235KB)

Cathedral Bells (PDF, 230KB)

Coltsfoot (PDF, 299KB)

Dense Oxygen Weed (PDF, 173KB)

Nodding Thistle (PDF, 154KB)

Parrots Feather (PDF, 259KB)

Smilax (PDF, 301KB)

Spartina (PDF, 375KB)

Tree Privet (PDF, 379KB)

White Edged Nightshade (PDF, 197KB)

Woolly Nightshade (PDF, 154KB)

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