Hazardous Waste

The Regional Council works with our District Councils to ensure people get the correct information when they seek advice on hazardous waste disposal..

Hazardous waste disposal is dealt with by trained and experienced operators who are equipped to deal with the risks involved. 


Disposal of domestic/small quantities of hazardous waste

Buller, Grey and Westland District Councils all accept domestic, i.e. small quantities of used oil, paint, lead-acid batteries and past- use- by- date LPG cylinders being dropped off at their landfill sites or transfer stations.  The items are then either recycled or rendered harmless for sending to landfill.

For other materials such as solvents, poisons, pesticides, herbicides, other farm chemicals and asbestos, check with your District Council first before taking them to the Transfer Station or Landfill.   Each District has limited, and differing, storage availability for hazardous waste, so checking first is essential. 

You may have to pay for collection of your hazardous waste by a commercial service (see below) if it falls outside the scope of services offered by your District Council.


Disposal of large &/or commercial quantities of hazardous waste

Buller, Grey and Westland District Councils do not accept large or commercial quantities of hazardous waste for disposal.  Such materials will require collection by a professional hazardous waste collection service at your expense.  Contact the council for advice on collection options.


Disposal of Farm Waste

Options exist now  on the West Coast for the disposal or recycling of  unwanted agrichemicals and used plastics, e.g. farm balage wrap.

Management of Farm Plastics & Agrichemicals (PDF, 146KB)


Used Oil

The South Island Oil Recovery Programme covers the West Coast.   To find out more about having your used oil collected, call 'Oil Recovery South Island' on 0800 873 3645.  Much of the oil recovered in the South Island, is used at Holcim's Cement Plant at Cape Foulwind near Westport.


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