Waste Strategy

Regional Waste Management on the West Coast

The West Coast Regional Council is a member of the West Coast Waste Management Working Group, which promotes integrated regional waste management, including waste minimisation and recycling initiatives. Although the group has not met for several years, it met regularly from 1999 to 2007 and had some successes in promoting efficiency and consistency among the local authorities in managing regional waste issues in our low rating base region.

The revised New Zealand Waste Strategy was released on 13 October 2010. It replaces the 2002 version and is greatly simplified, with two new goals for reducing the harmful effects of waste, and improving the efficiency of resource use.  These goals are implemented through regional plan rules and consent processing.

A Regional Waste Strategy for the West Coast was prepared in 2004, with targets for managing regional waste issues. The Regional Waste Strategy was based on the old national Waste Strategy, however since this has now changed we are not intending to update the Regional Strategy.  This means parts of the Regional Waste Strategy may now be less relevant.




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