Total Mobility Scheme

What is the Total Mobility Scheme?

The Total Mobility Scheme provides financial assistance by way of reduced taxi fares to any eligible person whose disabilities prevent them from using public transport. As we do not have public transport on the West Coast, eligibility is instead based on an inability to walk to the end of the block.


How do I join the Total Mobility Scheme?

To join the Total Mobility Scheme a visit to your GP is required. The GP will assess your eligibility and present you with a form to take to your nearest District Council. On presentation of this form, the District Council will issue you with a book of Total Mobility vouchers.


How do I use the Total Mobility Scheme?

Taxi services in Westport, Greymouth, and Hokitika are all providers of the Total Mobility Scheme. A 50% subsidy will be paid per trip. The maximum contribution per trip is $15. This means that the Council will pay half your fare up to a maximum meter fare of $30. Any additional fare over that amount you must pay yourself in full.


On finishing your voucher book, present the empty book at the District Council for replacement. Users of the Scheme are limited to 25 vouchers per month (one booklet). One voucher does not cover return trips. Separate vouchers must be used for each trip.


Can I use the Total Mobility Vouchers in other Regions?

The Total Mobility Scheme is a national scheme, which means that you can use your vouchers in other regions. When ordering a taxi, it is advised that you tell the company that you are a Total Mobility User from the West Coast and ask if they are a provider of the service.


For more information on the services available for use in other regions click on the following link and visit the appropriate region information sheet.

Page reviewed: 14 Apr 2014 4:43pm