New Annual Administration Charge for Resource Consent Holders

Council last year introduced a new fixed charge for each Resource Consent file of $55 + GST per year.

The new charge was established in the 2015/2025 Long Term Plan, following public consultation.

Why was this new administration charge introduced?

Section 36 of the Resource Management Act allows Councils to charge for costs associated with responsibilities for the ongoing maintenance of Resource Consent files.

These costs include:

  • Acquiring and maintaining computer software that stores information about your resource consent (and compliance monitoring).
  • Developing, updating and maintaining the information contained in our database with regard to your Resource Consent.
  • Responding to public and personal enquiries about Resource Consents. These might be in the form of Local Government Official Information Act requests, media requests, etc. Council is also required to provide information with regard to resource consents to central government.
  • General administration of Resource Consent files.

Introduction of the new $55 + GST annual charge was considered to be the fairest way to fund these costs. It follows the approach used in many other NZ regional councils.

How often will this be charged?

Invoices will be issued annually to each Resource Consent holder.

In 2016, invoices will be issued during January – April 2016. In future years the invoices will be issued during August/September.

The charge applies to each Resource Consent file. If there are multiple consents on a single consent file, there will only be one single annual charge of $55 + GST levied. The annual charge must be paid every year from the time your consent is granted, to the time it expires or you inform us you no longer require it (and formally surrender it).

Payment is required on the 20th of the month following the date of the invoice.

Resource Consent files relating to domestic septic tanks

Holders of a Resource Consent file relating to a domestic septic tank will only be required to pay the annual administration charge in its first year (2015/16).  This alteration to the charge was agreed at the Regional Council meeting held on the 9th August 2016.

What if I no longer need my Resource Consent?

The charge will apply until the Resource Consent is transferred or surrendered. If you no longer require this resource consent, or you are no longer the property owner relating to this consent, please contact our Consents Administration Officer on 0508 800 118 ext. 267 to discuss surrendering or transferring your consent. To surrender or transfer a resource consent you must do so in writing. Forms are available on the Council’s website

For more information

Please contact our Consents Administration Officer on 0508 800 118 ext. 267 if you require further information.

Consent Forms

Surrender of Resource Consent Form (PDF, 129.6KB)
Transfer of Ownership of Resource Consent Form (PDF, 123.1KB)

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