New Annual Gravel Compliance Monitoring Charge

​New Annual Compliance Charge for Resource Consent Relating to Gravel Extraction

The annual charge was established in the 2015/2025 Long Term Plan (LTP) and came into effect on the 1st July 2016. It applies to the holders of all gravel extraction consents and will fund compliance monitoring work relating to these consents.

The table below provides an overview of the charge and how it is being applied.

Volume of consented take (m3)Annual Monitoring Fee (excluding GST)
Under 2,000m3$150
Over 15,000m3$1,000

​You are encouraged to spend some time to familiarise yourself with your resource consent conditions and ensure they are being complied with.  Particularly in relation to notifying us prior to any extraction being carried out and submitting any necessary information as required by the conditions. 

What if I no longer need my Resource Consent?

The charge will apply until the Resource Consent is transferred or surrendered. If you no longer require this resource consent, please contact our Consents Administration Officer on 0508 800 118 ext. 267 to discuss surrendering or transferring your consent. To surrender or transfer a resource consent you must do so in writing. Forms are available on the Council's website

For more information

Please contact Heather McKay​, Consents & Compliance Manager on 0508 800 118 ext. 8236 if you require further information.

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