Consent Application Process

I know I need one,  so how do I go about it?

Contact a Consents Officer at the Regional Council to discuss your proposal and find out what application forms you need and the information required.

The West Coast Regional Council has a specific application form for various types of consent highlighting the relevant information requirements.  

The appropriate application form(s) can be posted to you or collected from the West Coast Regional Council office or downloaded for you to print here.

It is essential to provide all the relevant information requested. Failure to do so can delay the processing of your application.


Is there anything else that could help me get a Resource Consent?

If you require a resource consent it is important that you talk with everybody who is interested, or is likely to be affected by your proposed activity. Your talks could include such people and groups as the Department of Conservation, local iwi, your neighbours, environmental groups and the Regional Council.

If your proposed activity has only a minor effect on the environment and all interested parties have given their approval, your application may not have to be advertised.

It is important to discuss your proposal with your neighbours and other interested parties as it may save both time and costs.


How long can I expect to wait for my application to be processed?

If you have provided all the information required a decision on a non-notified application (i.e. An application that does not need to be publicly advertised calling for submissions) should be made by West Coast Regional Council staff within 20 working days of receipt.

For notified applications (i.e. Advertised) the decision should be made within 70 working days, or if no submissions are received the decision should be made within 50 working days.

Please remember that our staff will be trying hard to have a decision to you as soon as possible.


How much will it cost?

The Resource Management Act allows Regional Councils to recover all reasonable costs associated with the processing of a consent. The West Coast Regional Council's procedure is to require a minimum deposit before the consent process begins, with any additional cost being invoiced at the end of the process. For complex applications, monthly invoices may be used. When making a consent application contact the Consents section of the West Coast Regional Council for an estimate of costs associated with your application.

Annual Consent Holder administration fee:

Once a resource consent is granted, an annual consent administration fee is set at $55 plus GST ($63.25 incl GST) per consent file. This covers the on-going cost of compiling and monitoring of accounts, dealing with general enquiries, maintaining consents and compliance databases and other general administration relating to each general enquiries, maintaining consents and compliance databases and other general administration relating to each resource consent file held. This applies to all current consents.  Whitebait stands have an annual compliance set fee of $172.50 incl GST in addition to the $63.25 incl GST consent administration fee.

In addition to the annual administration charge above, some consents will require ongoing monitoring by the Council and costs associated with this compliance monitoring will be recovered from the Consent Holder.

Please refer to the table below for the deposit fee required for your application.

Application typeCharge (incl GST)
Land Use Consent & associated consents for dry bed gravel extraction$520.00
Land Use Consent & associated consents for river protection works$700.00
Discharge Permits for dairy effluent discharges$700.00
Land Use Consent & associated consents for humping & hollowing/flipping earthworks$950.00
Land Use Consent & associated consents for land based alluvial gold mining operations$1,150.00
Land Use Consent & associated Consents for alluvial gold mining operations involving watercourse diversions$2,300.00
Coastal Permits for municipal sewage, industrial discharges, large scale infrastructure and marine farms$6,400.00
Application for a Change or Cancellation of consent conditions$380.00
Application for a Certificate of Compliance or an Existing Use Certificate$380.00
Application for Transfer of a Water Permit$520.00
All other Resource Consents$570.00

For more information about the costs of a resource consent please view the latest WCRC Annual Plan under the planning section of our website.

Page reviewed: 15 Jan 2016 10:51am