Air Plan

A plan for managing the quality of the West Coast’s air resource.

The Regional Air Quality Plan provides a management framework for addressing adverse effects from discharges of contaminants to air. This applies to discharges such as odour, dust, smoke, and other particulate matter.

The Plan has Objectives, Policies, Rules and other Methods to manage effects on air quality and the environment. It permits discharges to air that are unlikely to have significant adverse effects on the environment, and requires a resource consent for discharges that may have more than minor adverse effects.

Click here to download the Regional Air Quality Plan (Jul 02, PDF, 464KB)

The Section 35 RMA five year efficiency and effectiveness review of the Air Plan was completed in May 2007

Click here to download the Efficiency and Effectiveness Review of the Regional Air Quality Plan (May 07, PDF, 217KB)

Click here to download Clean Air advice sheet.

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