Coastal Plan

The Regional Coastal Plan for the West Coast Region has objectives, policies, rules and other methods of implementation to manage the effects of resource use activities in the coastal marine area. The coastal marine area is the area below the mean high water spring mark out to the 12 nautical mile limit at sea. Common activities that occur in the West Coast coastal marine area include temporary whitebait stands, erosion protection works, and stone removal.

Operative Plan

​Regional Coastal Plan (PDF, 8.15MB)

Proposed Regional Coastal Plan 2016

The Regional Council has undertaken a full review of the Regional Coastal Plan 2001, and released its Proposed Regional Coastal Plan (RCP) 2016 for public submissions. Submissions on the draft Coastal Plan closed on the 21st of March 2016.

Full Proposed Regional Coastal Plan 2016 (PDF, 64MB)

Background Technical Reports

As part of the Coastal Plan review, coastal outstanding landscapes, and natural character areas have been identified. These areas are listed in Schedules 3D and 3E of the Proposed RCP 2016, with a summary of their attributes. Photos and further details of these areas can be found in two background technical reports that have been prepared to accompany the Proposed RCP.

Coastal Plan 2001 showing deletions

A substantial amount of the operative Regional Coastal Plan 2001 is proposed to be deleted as a result of the full review. A copy of the operative Plan is provided showing parts proposed to be deleted.

Regional Coastal Plan 2001 showing parts proposed to be deleted: (PDF, 24MB)

Section 32 Evaluation Report

The Section 32 Evaluation Report is intended to help readers understand how the Proposed RCP was developed and the rationale behind the provisions chosen. The Section 32 Evaluation Report contains the evaluation of objectives, policies, rules, and other methods. It outlines for each of the values and activity chapters in the Proposed RCP, the extent to which the objectives are the most appropriate way to achieve the purpose of the Act, and whether the policies, rules, and other methods are the most appropriate way to achieve the objectives having regard to their efficiency and effectiveness and their benefits and costs. The risks associated with acting or not acting on certain issues where there is uncertain or insufficient information are also noted where appropriate.

Section 32 Evaluation Report: (PDF, 530KB)

Background documents

Various background documents were used in the development of the Proposed RCP 2016. Copies of these can be accessed below:

This includes the NIWA review of the operative Coastal Hazard Areas, which were reviewed in 2012. The report was updated in December 2015.

Summary of Decisions Requested

Staff have prepared a Summary of the Decisions Requested on the Proposed Regional Coastal Plan 2016. A copy of the Summary, and the original submissions, can be downloaded below.

Summary of Decisions Requested (PDF, 1.86MB)

Original Submissions

Further Submissions

Further submissions were invited on 11th July 2016, and closed on 22nd July.  Eleven further submissions were received.  These will be added to the Summary of Decisions Requested.

Notification of Omitted Submission

One of the original submissions that was lodged on the Proposed Regional Coastal Plan 2016 within the statutory timeframe was omitted from the Summary of Decisions Requested. This submission needs to be publicly notified to provide the opportunity for further submissions to be made on it.

Staff have prepared a Summary of the Decisions Requested by Phillip Perrott on the Proposed Regional Coastal Plan 2016. A copy of this Summary, and Mr Perrott's original submission, can be downloaded below.

Further Submissions on Mr Perrott's submission

As of Friday 18th November 2016, further submissions are invited in support of, or in opposition to Phillip Perrott's submission on the Proposed Coastal Plan. A further submission must be limited to a matter in support or opposition to this original submission. Under Clause 8(1) of the First Schedule of the Resource Management Act 1991, the following persons may make a further submission:

  • Any person representing a relevant aspect of the public interest; and
  • Any person that has an interest in the Proposed Coastal Plan greater than the general public has; and
  • The local authority itself. 

Further submissions must be received by the West Coast Regional Council no later than 5:00pm, Monday 5th December 2016. Further submissions can be:

  • Delivered to the office at 388 Main South Road, Paroa, Greymouth;
  • Posted to PO Box 66, Greymouth 7840;
  • Emailed to

A copy of your further submission must be served on the person who made the submission to which your further submission relates, within 5 working days of lodging the further submission with the West Coast Regional Council.

Where to from here?

Once the further submission period for Mr Perrott’s submission has closed on 5th December 2016, Council will:

  • Prepare a staff recommending report on the submissions and further submissions received.
  • Hold a public hearing for those submitters and further submitters who have indicated that they wish to be heard.
  • Make its decisions on submissions and further submissions, and notify submitters of these.

Any person who makes a submission, or further submission, who is not satisfied with the Council's decision and the changes that are to be made to the Proposed Coastal Plan Statement, may refer the matters to the Environment Court.

Once all matters referred to the Environment Court are resolved, the document will be made operative.

How can I get more information?

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions on 03 768 0466, or Freephone 0508 800 118.

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